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Common Problem: Simple Solution

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

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I had a conversation yesterday with a lady who had been working through some of the SAXOPHONE Studies videos.

She mentioned a problem that she had encountered and solved. It occurred to me that other people will probably be doing the same thing, so I thought I would share it with you all.

She was working through some of the mouthpiece exercises in the Saxophone SUPER FOOD Practise Routine and was struggling a bit.

Like a lot of people, her easiest internet access is through her phone, so it was on a table and she was bending over it to see the videos…

The punchline is that she realised that the exercises are much easier when keeping her body straight. So, she found a place where the phone could be at head height and she could play whilst keep a really good posture.

From then she started making much better progress.

Posture is so important. If your body is straight, without tension, then your lungs can expand fully and you can get a much bigger sound that lasts longer. Also, if your neck is straight then the air can flow more freely from your lungs to the mouthpiece.

No.3 in my 5 Essential Tips To Improve Your Sound On The Saxophone focusses entirely on this subject. If you haven’t worked through those 5 tips yet then I recommend them; I use them every time that I play, and every time I teach - they work for saxophonists at any level.

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Jo Preston
Jo Preston
Mar 19, 2022

Excellent information, thank you.

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