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Learn To Improvise, It's Easy!

Since graduating from music college in the UK in 2000, I have specialised in teaching jazz improvisation on the saxophone.

Although I have taught advanced techniques to University students, I have found that the largest number of pupils have been adult learners looking for a way in to the weird and wonderful world of improvising!

In my opinion, too often improvisation methods and tutorials get far too complicated much too quickly.

Improvisation can be complicated, in depth, and require years of practise, but it doesn’t have to!

There is an easy way in, you can sound really cool quickly and be extremely creative and expressive; this is the focus of my Learn To Improvise, Series 1 course.

Music is about expression, creativity and soulfulness. This course allows you to access all of those things within your playing in a simple and effective way.

No, you won't be a jazz great playing like John Coltrane or Charlie Parker! But by the end of the course, you will have 5 tunes that you can improvise on. And, most importantly, you will have taken your first steps as an improviser, you will have begun the journey and you will be using your instrument as a creative tool.

It is possible for anyone to do this, you just need to know how to start.

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